Benefits Of Hybrid Meetings

Hybrid meetings are meetings or events that feature at least one group of in-person/face-to-face attendees connecting virtually with other meeting attendees. While hybrid events have been around for a number of years, their importance has grown during and following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hybrid Meetings combine the benefits of live and virtual interaction between presenters, in-person attendees, and virtual attendees.

Hybrid meetings should be an integral part of your club management for meetings following COVID-19.

  • They allow participants who are unable or unwilling to attend a live event to do so virtually
  • Multiple types of hybrid meetings present multiple options for the planning team, depending on your goals
  • Removes traditional confines and allows for a collaborative environment
  • Hybrid meetings are a cost-effective option featuring the benefits of both face-to-face and virtual meetings

Hybrid meetings allow for both personal connections and connections that extend far beyond the physical confines of the event. With virtual meeting technology quickly progressing and becoming more reliable every day, hybrid meetings are becoming the new normal.

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